Won't You Come Out Tonight

GAILFEAN soon to release their NEW album at the Dublin Irish Festival, Dublin OH.  August 6, 2016!


13 November 2015 — Gailffean has launched their Kickstarter campaign Won’t you come out tonight.

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Gailfean is an Irish Traditional music group featuring All-Ireland winners John Whelan, Brian Conway and Máirtín de Cógáin and renowned musician Don Penzien.
Each of these artists recorded extensively and were brought together to the stage for the first time at the O’Flaherty retreat
in October of 2012 due to Hurricane Sandy and much luck. Expect a lively enthralling journey though the history of the Irish Diaspora
with this Bonny Bunch of Roses, Oh!

They took the name the Pure Drop to start but have grown into Gailfean.